At the center of Italy, the green heart of Europe

Abruzzo is a  land of unspoiled nature, mountains and ocean art cities and little villages where time seems have never passed by. You can feel its strong traditions visiting the little churches, hermitages, castles and villages closed together as an island. 

This is Abruzzo, where from the powerful visual suggestions of the many villages and castles wedged in the wild landscape of the inner Abruzzo we arrive sweetly to the sea, changing feelings and flavours.

Abruzzo is a trip through Italian history, beginning from the prehistoric traces of the Man of Neanthertal, to the fine testimonies of Italian civilizations, before the conquest of Rome leaving its imperial impressions. The Middle Ages, gives  the region its more characteristic aspects: castles, monasteries, the hidden and fascinating rural churches that inside an ordinary and poor aspect, conserve forgotten masterpieces, as the cycle of frescoes of Saint Maria to Cryptas or the Oratory of Bominaco.

These beauties are reacheable not only through comfortable routes by car, but also with tailor-made sport routes, on foot, by bicycle or by horse. The horse-back-riding  experiences offer particular opportunities following the traces of the ancient "tratturi",  the long paths  starting from the mountain pastures, that sheperds used to follow  to reach  the sea.

A special mention must be given to Abruzzo wine and food tradition with its excellent and strong flavours.The recovery of the ancient vines, have kept  the traditional old   flavours placing year after year the wines of this area among the best of the Italian production. Abruzzo has a rich calendar of festivities and events, from the celebration of ancient cults, like the Festivity of the Serpari in Cocullo, to elegant festivals, like the multimedial Festival of Castelbasso or the Festival of the Old theatre of Gioia Vecchio, organized by Dacia Maraini (important Italian writer), to the traditional popular festivities.

A region with  a variety tours, stories, atmospheres: below you will find some ideas of travel that, surely can be used to make your personalized holiday. Every person has its own way of  travelling , and Abruzzo gives everyone an unforgettable experience. Discover Abruzzo, the green heart of Italy !

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Bominaco, Abruzzo
Calascio, Abruzzo
Capestrano, Abruzzo
Gran Sasso, Abruzzo
L'Aquila, Abruzzo - the way it was
L'Aquila, Abruzzo - the way it was

L'Aquila, Abruzzo - the way it was