Wild nature

It is the essence of an island which is characterized by the ruggedness of its mountains sloping down into the sea, different coasts, and the emerald and blue colours of its sea waters...

Nature favoured the isolation of this island which, at the same time, meant the conservation of the environment and artistic heritage that Sardinians love and protect
jealously as if the sea and the mountains were part of the life of every inhabitant and this is probably true.

It is possible to travel through Sardinia and discover the main cities such as Cagliari and Sassari, the small villages and the beautiful little towns such as Iglesias and Alghero. Otherwise, during your journey, you can leave the town and visit the remains that bear witness to the nuraghic civilization. They represent the enigmatic centres of paleolitic life and their sight will leave you speechless...

Sardinia is a big island, with a variety of landscapes and extraordinary cultures: we recommend this destination, the wonderful Mediterranean Sea which washes its coasts, by heading southwards towards the Spanish mainland.

Far away from the towns, near nature and beauty...



Stintino - Sardinia
Sardinia beaches
Pan di Zucchero, Buggerru, Sardinia
Piscinas dunes, Sardinia
Cala Domestica - Sardinia
Piscinas dunes, Sardinia