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Barefoot in the olive groves of Tuscany

Imagine sweet hills, parish churches, castles, rocks, olive groves and vineyards... This is what the Lucchese hills are all about. A natural environment and a rural tradition still intact thanks to the love that people feel for their land which still offer their wonderful harvests of fruit, olive oil and wine which are so rare in the technological age we live in. 

You can imagine this natural environment and what an ideal destination it is for relaxing, breaking free from everyday hustle and bustle of our technologically stressful lives and finding the time to do the many things that we always seem to postpone. 

A B&B of great charm will welcome you. It was once an abbey. Offers a fantastic view of the plain and hills, a warm atmosphere and a really unique welcome. 

To start surrendering to total relaxation, a plantar reflexology massage or others relaxing therapies is the ideal thing. Follow this with an oil and wine tasting as well as with products from the land, a pleasure for your senses! 

To stay deeply in touch with nature, we advice a relaxing walk on the hillocks, surrounded by olive groves and a picnic out of season: a book to read, good wine and hot meals belonging to the excellent Tuscan tradition.... 

In case of bad weather the meals can be taken in one of the restaurants we will be happy to recommend.

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