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Febraury 18th 2000: eliotropica travelling birth date

June 23rd 2000: the website www.eliotropica.it is on-line

November 11th 2000: Rosanna Capitani is invited by the IG Imprenditoria Giovanile (Youth Entrepreneurship) and Sviluppo Italia (Italian Development) to relate about her own activity at the conference “Identity and Development” at the 3rd “Borsa Mediterranea del Turismo Archeologico (Mediterranean Stock Exchange of Archaeological Turism), performed in Paestum from November 9th to 12th 2000; at the table of relators also the Ambassador of UNESCO in Paris, ACI's managers, and representatives from the Republic Senate were present.

Febraury 14th-17th 2001: eliotropica travelling joins as exhibitor the Milan's BIT 2001 in cooperation with Lucca's Apt.

Febraury 17th 2001: Rosanna Capitani is invited by the Commission for Equal Opportunities of Lucca's Province to participate as relator to the Job Fair (Fair for orientation and job) held in Lucca, S. Micheletto, showing the activity of Eliotropica Travelling during the conference “Inventing or reinventing your place in the job market”

November 15th 2001: the new version of the website is on-line!

November 2001: eliotropica travelling was awarded by Regione Toscana among the best 10 innovative ideas in tourism sector, at the Regional Conference about Trade, Tourism and Innovation.

November 26th-29th 2001: eliotropica travelling was choosen by Lucca's Province as example of young women run firm to be shown at Bruxelles for the Employment Week, organized by the European Commission

October 2002: Rosanna Capitani related at Job Fair 2002 about “It will be a business, but It will be mine!”

From September 2003 eliotropica travelling is active also as travel agency and tour operator

October 22nd 2003: the new version of the website, renovated in graphics and contents, is on-line

March 2004: seminars at Apt Lucca and Apt Versilia about “The quality of accommodation and services for women travelling: improving competition in the Lucca area”

May 2004: the RAI shoots one of our Tours for Women, in Camargue, that was broadcasted during a television show on channel RAI3

Febraury 2005: co-operation with Lucca's Province and Regione Toscana for the presentation of female travellers project at Milan's BIT

March 4th-6th 2005: we organize the first travel-educational-event dedicated to women travelling: “The first weekend of Women Travellers”, a weekend in Lucca with journalists following us, to narrate about the terrritory through female eyes, with the backing of Lucca's Province inside the special regional project “Tuscany Wellcomes Women”

November 2005: Rosanna Capitani is relator at the seminar organized by Regione Toscana inside the project “Tuscany Welcomes Women” titled “Golf & Spa Wellness Tourism”

March 24th-26th 2006: eliotropica travelling organize the “2nd Women Travellers Weekend: the event”, guest of honor Evelyn Hannon, from Journeywoman.com, the memorable referement website for Women Travellers from all over the world, a weekend dedicated to the knowledge of the territory (Lucca and Province) with collateral events such as conferences, books exhibition, evenings opened also to townspeople. In that occasion was officially started the project “Sailing Women – Towards Valencia 2007), a path to succed in gathering a female crew that would have reached Valencia from Itallian coasts to attend match races from a privileged position, and experience the emotions of America's Cup directly.

July 2006: eliotropica travelling is broadcasted on channel RAI UNO, at the TV show “Uno Mattina” to talk about Tours for Women

March 21st 2007: eliotropica travelling organize on behalf of Regione Toscana and Agency for Tuscany Promotion Toscana Promozione, the first convention for enterprises joining “Tuscany Welcomes Women”, where envolved institutions related about the project and foreign guests for the bench-marking; during the afternoon there were three topic workshop (Marketing & Communication, Internet Marketing, Quality of Services and Reception for Women Travellers). The event was followed by an educational dedicated to journalists about the Coast Apt involved: Apt Massa, Apt Versilia, Apt Pisa, Apt Etruscan Coast, Apt Maremma.

march 7th-9th 2008: event week-end dedicated to women travellers becomes "DonnaDiscover". The 2008 edition is focused on film making, perfumes&scents, jazz...everything from a woman point of view


september 2009: eliotropica gets back to its original business profile, quitting the tour operator branch and concentrating on travel advice, marketing, communication and events for both leisure and business tourism industry


more updates on:  https://it.linkedin.com/in/eliotropica