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independent holidays in Italy

eliotropica offers customized proposals, except for our calendar of tours for women.
Our personal travellers will support you in choosing the journey fitting to your needs, deciding together the possible accommodations, the budget for the trip, the activities as wine tastings, sailing, trekking, shopping and spa treatments, Italian language classes, painting, etc.

The destinations selection has been made during the years basing on the specific knowledge we developed on them, directly or through franchisings with people experienced on the new destinations. Tuscany, Campania, Apulia, Sicily, Rome and Latium, Sardinia, Abruzzo: discover the beauty of Italy through its different natural environment, architectural styles, people traditions, and find out how many solutions and holidays cost levels you can get!

We support travellers having specific interests and needs, experienced or at their first trip to Italy, with the freedom of managing itineraries, timings, passions: you can surf the web looking for accommodation, reviews and tips, but still having a personal and on site support it's a great value for your journeys. Save money and time, get the best from your trip: we are a licenced tour operator focusing on tailor-made solutions, so just send us an email and see if we can make your dreams come true!