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The life of an enterprise is  a constant flood of activities aiming at reaching company objectives such as  empower employees fidelization to the company, update their skills, improve leadership skills, launch new products  or services,support brand visibility and awareness on target markets.

Events, meetings and any kind of "get together" activity are fundamental to reach these goals.

Eliotropica can support the organization of  events or activities as team buildings, meetings, incentives, training and bench-marking trips abroad, to end up with leisure time in our selection of destinations.

We like to think about business trips as journeys with  business elements melting with a deep contact with the travel destination culture, traditions, food and wine.

Through more than 15 years of professional experience we can provide a variety of solutions, a deep knowledge of the venues and the destinations, and quick answers to your business needs.

Get in touch for information and quotations: info@eliotropica.it 

Villa Orangerie - Lucca hills
Christmas party
New App Launch
Team Building in Cinque Terre, sailing