You walk along a canal, stop on a bridge, arrive in a "calle" and discover a world, an arabesque of Venice tales and legends, architectures and arts...the scent of the glourious past of the city!
You feel like if you were at the beginning of a Great Journey maybe because Marco Polo started his discovery trip from Venice, maybe because here people melting pot started centuries ago and influenced every single square, building, church of the city Venice starts your Journey on the water and by the water, from the canals to the sea and the islands of Torcello, Murano, Burano...
Venice is a pearl
, a delicate precious jewel of Italy that needs a great care from travellers: we should really love the city to respect its limits, its great environmental requirements, all the works that are being done in order to save the city from the floads-
Come and discover Venice with a special eye, go further the tourists icon, experience the feeling of being at the beginning of a Great Journey!

S.Marco - Venice
Venice gondole