A boundery land, between the sea and the mountains, Liguria is an extraordinary gift of nature. A narrow half-moon full of cliffs, hidden valleys, beaches and unspoiled territory.

Not only sea.

Liguria is rich in Natural Parks and Marine protected areas: Pelagos, the Beigua Park, the beautiful Cinque Terre and Portofino Promontorio, to name only but a few.

That's the Liguria we love: glamourous as its beach locations, preserved as its marine villages, wild as the itineraries that from the coast reach the top of the hills, modern as the Genoa of Renzo Piano, romantic as the Poet's Gulf.

A region also reach in tastful products, with a high quality olive oil and delicious flavours that inspire the travellers' immagination in discovering the connection between Liguria and its marine traditions.


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Cinque Terre view from monastery, Liguria
Porto Venere - Liguria
Rio Maggiore - Liguria
Cinque Terre monastery - Liguria
Sailing, Liguria