The sun brightens in the azure sky and shimmers on the deep blue Adriatic and the Ionian Seas...
Salento farms, the Itria Valley trullis, the Baroque style in Lecce, Aragonese and Frederick's castles: masterpieces created thanks to rural and stylish architecture...

Sea and countryside, clear waters, the rustle of wheat and olive tree leaves. Strong, extreme, simple flavours.
The strenght of nature, that the Apulian people have been able to preserve and enhance, give the traveller unique emotions.

A cultural bridge between East and West created during ancient times, and multi-ethnic heritage still lives.

Land of culture and tradition, pizzica and taranta with an open door to the world and its people. You will feel it along the streets in Lecce, Bari, Otranto as well as in small coastal and inland villages...
Discover Apulia with its Mediterranean flavour oozing from the warm walls and inebriating in spring when the fields are green, scattered with blue and yellow flowers and the blue background of the sky...


Polignano a mare, Apulia
Apulia, olive trees
Apulian masseria
Ostuni, Apulia
Apulian, farm products
Salento beaches, Apulia
Salento beaches, Apulia
Notte della Taranta, Melpignano Apulia
Grecža Salentina, Apulia
Apulian Olive Groves
Polignano a Mare
Roca Vecchia
Ostuni Apulia, Ostuni Cathedral facade detail