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travel advice and experiences for women travelling in Italy

Women’s eyes discovering the world with a special approach and specific needs.

Women friendly means travelling proposals suitable for women’s personal needs including accommodation, restaurants and interesting places to visit.

Women friendly is our trade mark which identifies travelling venues offering services for women thanks to their experience and sensibility.

Women friendly is also our philosophy. We are women travellers and our purpose is helping women to make their dreams come true, supporting their self-empowerment, providing information to women travelling alone, with their kids or with some women friends.



Eliotropica supports women travellers when deciding and organizing the trip: our experience says that the two moments are very often influencing each other. If a person hasn't got the right motivation, or doesn't succeed in going beyond mental limits, then this person will hardly decide to leave.

Together we can ride out this difficulties, and find the solutions more matching with your personal tastes and with every women needs.

Don't give up, think about the possible alternatives. Travelling is a good way to meet new people, and this is a very important aspect of our trips.

Women only because it's easier to understand each other, to share double rooms and save some money, to chat as old friends even though we met a few hours ago.

woman traveller freedom

Doesn't matter if you travel alone or your want to join one of our experiences for women, our travel coach support will be very important anyway: you will be assisted both in organizing the trip and, if needed, while travelling. Get in touch info@eliotropica.it